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House Selection

Brownstone  | $10/Glass, $38/Bottle

Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Oak Vineyards  | $10/Glass, $38/Bottle

White Zinfandel 

Premium White

Fiano, Gelsco Biano | $12/Glass, $42/Bottle

Cour-Cheverny, Domaine le Portail | $9/Glass, $35/Bottle

Chardonnay, Reif Estate Stainless Steel l | $9/Glass, $35/Bottle

Chardonnay, Chateau St Jeanl | $9/Glass, $35/Bottle

Cour-Cheverny, Domaine le Portail | $12/Glass, $42/Bottle

Gewurztraminer, Dr. Konstantin Frank | $12/Glass, $42/Bottle

Moscato, Alegro | $10/Glass, $38/Bottle

Reisling, Chateau Ste Michelle | $12/Glass, $42/Bottle

Sauvignon Blanc, Matua | $12/Glass, $42/Bottle

Premium Red

Sweet Red, Bonarda Frizzante Secco | $12/Glass, $42/Bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon, Jordan | $120/Bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon, Louis Martini | $14/Glass, $46/Bottle

Caparzo Brunello | $110/Bottle

Chianti, Ruffino Superior | $12/Glass, $42/Bottle

Malbec, Abrasado Uco Valley | $11/Glass, $38/Bottle

Lambrusco, Vergilius | $20/Bottle

Merlot, Noble 181 | $13/Glass, $44/Bottle

Pinot Noir, Line 39 | $13/Glass, $44/Bottle

Red Blend, Rabble | $12/Glass, $42/Bottle

Shiraz, Yellow Tail | $10/Glass, $38/Bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon, Freakshow by Michael David | $46/Bottle

Meritage, Sterling | $12/Glass, $42/Bottle


Chateau Minuty | $15/Glass, $52/Bottle

La Font Du Loup | $12/Glass, $42/Bottle


Champagne, Korbel (187ml) | $10

Prosecco, Zonin | $11

Champagne, Korbel (187ml) | $10

Iced Wine

Iced Wine, Reif Estate | $18/50ml, $59/375ml

Draft Beer

Sullivan’s | $7

(Hamburg Brewing Company, ABV: 5.6%) Fresh, sweet and malty amber colored beer with undertones of burnt caramel

CITMO | $9

(Resurgance Brewing Company, ABV: 6.5%) New England IPA with hints of pine and resin balanced with white grapefruit and spicy tropical fruits

Hayburner | $8

(Big Ditch Brewing Company, ABV: 7.2%) Most popular IPA in Western New York with rich citrusy flavors of orange, melon and grapefruit followed by and earthy finish

Blueberry Wheat | $8

(Ellicottville Brewing Company, ABV: 4.8%) A dry and fruity beer with flavors of wheat and blueberries

IPA | $7

(Southern Tier Brewing Company, ABV: 5.6%) The balance of citrus and pine hops with a subtle caramel sweetness

Stella Artois | $7

(Stella Artois Brewery, ABV: 5%) A classic crisp Belgium beer

Chandler Cherry Street Cider | $8

(Blackbird Cider, ABV: 6.8%) A refreshing light summer cider with notes of tart cherries

5 & 20 Stout | $8

(Resurgance Brewing Company, ABV: 6%) Dark roasted grains complimented with bakers chocolate and coffee notes ma king a full bodied smooth finish

Blue Moon | $7

(Blue Moon Brewing Company, ABV: 5.4%) White Belgium style beer brewed with orange peels for a subtle sweetness and bright citrus aroma

Raspberry Lemon Kolsch | $7

(Hamburg Brewing Company, ABV: 5.6%) Clean and crisp with copious amounts of raspberry and lemon with a subtle American malt with citrus heavy hops

Niagara Woodcock Lager | $7

(Woodcock Bros Brewing Co., ABV: 5%) A clean and crisp traditional lager

Alleghany IPA | $7

(Four Mile Brewing Company, ABV: 7.2%) West coast style IPA with six varieties of hops and four varieties of malts with hints of mango, papaya and apricot

Craft Cocktails

Barrel Over the Falls | $12

Makers Mark Bourbon, orange liquor and a dash of angostura bitters, served over ice

Pear Martini | $13

Grey Goose La Piore, elderflower liquor, fresh squeezed lemon juice and simple syrup

Summer Love | $13

Aperol, strawberry purée, Stoli-Strawberry vodka, fresh squeezed lemon juice, served over ice

Blue Falls | $11

Blue Moon draft beer, Stoli-O and orange juice

Huckleberry Bliss | $13

Huckleberry vodka, fresh squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup and topped off with a Malbec float

Summer Refresher | $12

Absolut Apple, Stoli-Grapefruit Vodka, fresh squeezed lemon juice

In The Mist | $12

Stoli-O vodka, coconut rum, pineapple juice and a splash of sierra mist with a float of blue curacao

Loganade | $10

Equal parts of lemonade and loganberry with Absolut Vodka

Sparkling Mojito | $11

White rum and fresh squeezed lime juice with muddled fresh mint and lime wedges topped with brut

Gin Blossom | $13

Bombay Sapphire Gin, fresh squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup and fresh rosemary served over ice with a splash of soda water

White Wine Spritzer | $11

Pinot Grigio, elderflower liquor, fresh lime juice and topped with club soda

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